President Biden promised that his administration would focus on recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilding the economy better than it was before.

Here’s how his administration is doing in Kentucky.


Results from the American Rescue Plan

(Signed 3/12/2021)

Jobs created in Kentucky under President Biden
People in Kentucky who have received direct payments of up to $1,400 passed under President Biden


Average hourly earnings growth in Kentucky

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Children in Kentucky benefiting from monthly tax cuts to their families passed under President Biden
Average monthly reduction in ACA health care premiums for a family of four in Kentucky under President Biden

Kentucky’s Representatives who voted yes:

Rep. Yarmuth (D-KY): YES

Kentucky’s Representatives who voted no:

Rep. Barr (R-KY): NO

Rep. Comer (R-KY): NO

Rep. Guthrie (R-KY): NO

Rep. Massie (R-KY): NO

Rep. Rogers (R-KY): NO

Impacts of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda in Kentucky

(pending before Congress)


Who Pays

Kentucky taxpayers wealthy enough to pay more
Kentucky taxpayers who will pay less or the same


Child Care, Home Care, & Health Care






Clean Energy 
Jobs & Climate